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Activmove Pack (10 tablets)

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Keep your joints healthy and pain free with BRAND'S® ActivMove. Formulated with UC-II, it is proven to be 2x more effective than Glucosamine and Chondroitin combined.

A total joint solution that contains a 360° Flexi-Boost formula, created with a unique blend of UC-II® and Hydrolyzed Type II Collagen. UC-II® is scientifically proven to be more than twice as effective as the combination of glucosamine hydrochloride. Through supplying joint nutrients, protecting existing joint structures from further deterioration and promoting self repair of joint structures, ActivMove helps maintain healthy joints by supporting joint flexibility and mobility.

Nutrition Information

Each tablet contains Hydrolyzed Type II Collagen Powder 50mg, UC-II® Powder (Undenatured Type II Collagen) 40mg and Vitamin C 20mg

Consumption Idea

1 tablet a day

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