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Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar (6s x 68ml) with Free Frosted Swiftlet Glass

List Price: S$49.90 Selling Price: S$48.40
Enjoy 100% genuine Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar brewed to perfection with no added preservatives or artifical flavouring.

About this product:

BRAND'S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar is made using 100% genuine bird’s nest brewed under hygienic processing conditions and verified by a unique FTIR-type fingerprinting recognition system, we go to great lengths to ensure our traditional formula contains no added preservatives or artificial flavouring.


Best ways to consume:

Enjoy it chilled or warmed.

Consume BRAND'S® Bird's Nest in a number of ways. Chill or warm the bottle to your liking, or simply take it straight from the bottle at room temperature for convenience.You can also add a little warm water into an opened bottle before drinking.


Nutritional information:

Free of added preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring.



Bird’s Nest, Rock Sugar, Stabiliser