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Suntory Sesamin EX 90 Softgels

Selling Price: S$58.00
Introducing Suntory Sesamin EX direct from Japan. Experience the seed of everyday health and youthfulness, loved by over 2 million fans for improving sleep quality, energy and appearance in just 8 weeks.

※ BRAND'S is an official distributor in Singapore. Please make your purchase through our official platform to have peace of mind about authenticity, freshness and quality of product.

What if we told you that everyday health
and youthfulness can be found in the
ubiquitous sesame seed?

Introducing SUNTORY Sesamin EX direct from Japan. It is scientifically formulated with sesamin from sesame seeds, natural vitamin E and super vitamin tocotrienol, with results in 8 weeks. Loved by over 2 million fans in Japan and now brought to your doorstep by BRAND’S®.

Adults who want to

Maintain liver function
Improve sleep quality
and reduce fatigue
Reduce oxidative
stress in the body
Support youthfulness

An Open Sesame to Greater Health

Sesamin as a

rare ingredient

The ubiquitous sesame seed contains a rare gem called sesamin which makes up less than 1% of the seed.

The not so good news? Sesamin intake cannot be met adequately just by eating sesame seeds. The great news? SUNTORY had spent 30 years developing a proprietary technology to extract sesamin from sesame seeds, allowing sesamin to be ingested more efficiently in your body.

Sesamin as an

excellent antioxidant

Sesamin is readily absorbed by your small intestines to reach the liver. Your liver plays many important roles – an energy-giving source, or a detox powerhouse – and these processes release intrinsic free radicals.

Sesamin helps to relieve oxidative stress exerted by free radicals, which are harder to fight as people age. As a result, your liver is happier – and so is your body. Experience an improvement in sleep quality, energy and appearance in just 8 weeks!1

Sesamin as a

research heavyweight

You might feel assured to know that SUNTORY received an Achievement in Technological Research award from the Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry (JSBBA).

The award recognises sesamin’s practical application as a health food. Over 44 papers and 98 academic conference presentations have been published on sesamin to date.

Sesamin as part of a

synergistic formula

Natural vitamin E and super vitamin tocotrienol are combined with sesamin to enhance the antioxidant prowess of Sesamin EX.

1 Takemoto, Daisuke et al. “Sesame Lignans and Vitamin E Supplementation Improve Subjective Statuses andAnti-Oxidative Capacity in Healthy Humans With Feelings of Daily Fatigue.” Global journal of health sciencevol. 7,6 1-10. 25 Mar. 2015, doi:10.5539/gjhs.v7n6p1

" We cannot stop the ageing process, but we can continue to maintain youthfulness. "

This strong belief forms the basis of our anti-ageing research. Sesame seeds are a familiar natural food for Japanese, but by dissecting it from a scientific perspective, we managed to discover its counteractive powers against ageing. We hope to continue our research so that we can deliver even better news in the future.

Daisuke Takemoto (Ph.D.), Product Researcher,
SUNTORY Wellness laboratory

Waking up feeling refreshed every morning! No matter how late I go to bed, every morning I go to work on time, take Sesamin EX and feel refreshed, even though I’m not a morning person. I have so much energy that I’m even surfing on the weekends.

56-year old male

I look at the mirror and think, I still look alright! I’m doing my best! Compared to younger people, there are many things I’d like to change. But I take Sesamin EX and do the best that I can. I feel happy looking in the mirror every day. It’s probably thanks to Sesamin EX.

46-year old female

I take Sesamin EX before working overtime. I take Sesamin EX thinking, it gives me strength! It feels as though power is surging through me from deep within, and I can work a little harder. I work in sales, so I’m thankful that my body allows me to be light on my feet.

47-year old male

I’m smiling a whole lot. My body feels light, and I feel positive too. I’ve recommended it to my mother, and I feel like a salesperson for Sesamin EX sometimes!

50-year old female

“Are you really 60 years old?” People act surprised. The other day, I went to a high school reunion. I dressed up for the first time in a while, and was nervous about whether I dressed too young. But everybody complimented me saying, “You haven’t changed one bit.” Now I can’t live without Sesamin EX!

62-year old female

I don’t want to absent-mindedly grow old. When people retire, a lot of them end up staying at home and doing nothing all day. But I enjoy being involved in community activities and hiking up mountains. I take Sesamin EX each morning and psych myself up. If you don’t have energy, you don’t feel motivated.

67-year old male

Is BRAND’S® Home Delivery an official distributor of SUNTORY Sesamin EX in Singapore?

Yes, please be assured that the Sesamin EX you purchase on our online store or order hotline is the same high-quality health supplement consumed by more than 2 million fans in Japan.

Why consume sesamin instead of sesame seeds?

There are 3 main reasons. Firstly, sesamin is a rare ingredient that makes up less than 1% of a sesame seed and requires special extraction. Secondly, since sesame seeds have a hard shell, it is not readily absorbed in the body once ingested, unless thoroughly ground. Thirdly, most of the nutrients in sesame seeds are lipids, which raises a concern about calories. With Sesamin EX, you can consume sesamin effectively and comfortably.

What positive changes can I experience after consuming Sesamin EX?

You may notice positive changes in sleep quality, energy and appearance after 8 weeks of daily consumption. Results would vary from person to person.

After taking Sesamin EX, I have experienced positive changes. Should I continue taking it on a regular basis?

Yes! Consistent consumption of any supplement is important to long-term effectiveness. We recommend continued consumption of Sesamin EX daily to reap the most out of your investment in health. You can also consider auto-replenishment for yourself or loved ones, by becoming a Subscribe & Save VIP member here.

Important Information

Allergies: Not suitable for consumers allergic to sesame seeds. Suitable for adults aged 20 years and above: 3 softgels daily, after meals. Method of Use: Consume directly from bottle.

Active Ingredients: Sesame Seed Extract (Sesamin) (10mg), Tocotrienol (2mg), Vitamin E (55.0 mg α TE). As natural ingredients are used, the appearance of softgels may vary, but they are equally safe and effective for consumption.


If you are pregnant or lactating, under medication and/or have certain health conditions like food allergy, please consult your healthcare professional before consuming this product. Do not eat enclosed silica gel sachet.

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