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  • 3. Percentage of 2,919 men and women in their 50s and 80s who have been using Sesamin EX for over a year and answered, "very satisfied" or "satisfied". (Suntory survey as of January 2017)

Why Irene Ang
chooses Sesamin EX

Improve sleep quality

I used to be sleepless… Now, I sleep
well and wake up energised.

Reduce fatigue

Even on a busy day, I can
stay alert.

Support youthfulness4

Nowadays, people are telling me,
“Irene, you don’t seem to age!”
That’s because I got my beauty sleep back.

Maintain liver function

After a long day, I like to wine and dine.
Sometimes more wine than dine.

Results in 8 weeks5

I take 3 softgels daily for a good
night’s sleep and a great day tomorrow!

4. Suntory survey involving 7,310 participants in their 50s to 70s found that 71 per cent who had consumed Sesamin EX for more than one year felt they looked at least five years younger than their age

5. Takemoto, Daisuke et al. “Sesame Lignans and Vitamin E Supplementation Improve Subjective Statuses and Anti-Oxidative Capacity in Healthy Humans With Feelings of Daily Fatigue.” Global journal of health science vol. 7,6 1-10. 25 Mar. 2015, doi:10.5539/gjhs.v7n6p1

You too, can do more
and live better every day.

Power of sesamin

Did you know? The ubiquitous sesame seed contains a rare gem called sesamin which makes up less than 1% of the seed. Sesamin intake cannot be met adequately just by eating sesame seeds.

Hence, Suntory spent over 30 years developing a proprietary method to extract sesamin and promote its better absorption in your body.

Sesamin is a powerful antioxidant that is readily absorbed by your intestines to reach your liver, where its health effects are activated.

Power of tocotrienol
and vitamin E

Tocotrienol A super vitamin extracted from palm oil and rice bran that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin E Another important antioxidant extracted from soybeans that has great synergy with sesamin. Together, they help to improve sleep quality and reduce fatigue.

Why other fans choose
Sesamin EX

Michelle, HR Manager

Due to my work nature and the stressful Covid-19 situation, I have lack of quality sleep. In the middle of the night, I will wake up 2-3 times to use the restroom. When I wake up the next day, I will feel very tired.

… After taking Sesamin EX, I felt like I could sleep like a log. I don’t wake up to use the restroom. The next day, I feel very fresh, like I really had a good rest and very good quality of sleep.

Steve, F&B Industry

I’m suffering from minor insomnia and am a light sleeper, so I tend to get up in the middle of the night. [I have taken] chamomile tea, peppermint tea, and warm milk… It helps at first, but a couple of weeks later, the insomnia comes back.

Sesamin EX was recommended by my brothers and had a good review. I tried 2 bottles at first. During my first bottle, I already felt it improved my sleep a lot… I could get back to sleep in a shorter time and felt more energised the next day.

I can feel the difference compared to other remedies!

Faith, Legal Counsel

My job can get stressful, and in a work-from-home situation with 3 kids running around, the stress accumulates. I found that I had trouble getting asleep. Even when I fall asleep, I don’t get into very deep or restful sleep.

I took Sesamin EX because I heard people talking about the benefits it brought to sleep. It really works! I fall asleep in more regular patterns… into very deep and rested sleep. So I wake up feeling energetic, and the energy lasts throughout the day.

As a side benefit, I feel my dark [eye] circles lightening!

Male, 47 years old

I take Sesamin EX before working overtime. I take Sesamin EX thinking, it gives me strength! It feels as though power is surging through me from deep within, and I can work a little harder.

Female, 62 years old

“Are you really 60 years old?” People act surprised. The other day, I went to a high school reunion… everybody complimented me saying, “You haven’t changed one bit.” Now I can’t live without Sesamin EX!

Male, 56 years old

No matter how late I go to bed, every morning I go to work on time, take Sesamin EX and feel refreshed, even though I’m not a morning person.

  • Is BRAND’S® Home Delivery an official distributor of Suntory Sesamin EX in Singapore?

    Yes, please be assured that the Sesamin EX you purchase on our online store or order hotline is the same high-quality health supplement consumed by more than 2 million fans in Japan.

  • Why consume sesamin instead of sesame seeds?

    There are 3 main reasons. Firstly, sesamin is a rare ingredient that makes up less than 1% of a sesame seed and requires special extraction. Secondly, since sesame seeds have a hard shell, it is not readily absorbed in the body once ingested, unless thoroughly ground. Thirdly, most of the nutrients in sesame seeds are lipids, which raises a concern about calories. With Sesamin EX, you can consume sesamin effectively and comfortably.

  • What positive changes can I experience after consuming Sesamin EX?

    You may notice positive changes in sleep quality, energy and appearance after 8 weeks of daily consumption. Results would vary from person to person.

  • After taking Sesamin EX, I have experienced positive changes. Should I continue taking it on a regular basis?

    Yes! Consistent consumption of any supplement is important to long-term effectiveness. We recommend continued consumption of Sesamin EX daily to reap the most out of your investment in health. You can also consider auto-replenishment for yourself or loved ones, by becoming a Subscribe & Save VIP member here.

Important Information

Allergies: Not suitable for consumers allergic to sesame seeds. Suitable for adults aged 20 years and above: 3 softgels daily, after meals. Method of Use: Consume directly from bottle.

Active Ingredients: Sesame Seed Extract (Sesamin) (10mg), Tocotrienol (2mg), Vitamin E (55.0 mg α TE). As natural ingredients are used, the appearance of softgels may vary, but they are equally safe and effective for consumption.


If you are pregnant or lactating, under medication and/or have certain health conditions like food allergy, please consult your healthcare professional before consuming this product.

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